Olevs Watch Review: What you need to know

Olevs Watch Review

Located in Japan, Olevs is a luxury watch brand gaining popularity in recent years. This Olevs watch review will examine whether Olevs watches are worth the investment.

Regarding luxury watches, there are a few factors to consider before purchasing. The first thing to consider is the materials’ quality, and the second factor is the price. Olevs Brands specializes in “budget-friendly luxury watches.” Their watches look like luxury watches but don’t necessarily match the quality or price of an actual name-brand luxury watch. Olevs watches balance between stylish without being too flashy.

If you can’t afford a Rolex or Seiko, Olevs might be your best alternative option.

Olevs watches come in different designs. You can choose the watch that suits your needs depending on your style and preferences.

I spent several hours researching and testing Olevs watches to identify the ones that offer the best value for your money.

Olevs watch review

As an avid watch enthusiast, I always watch for new and innovative watches that offer style and functionality.

Quality and build overview

Regarding quality, Olevs keeps it basic compared to other luxury watch brands in the market. One feature worth noting is the inclusion of sapphire dial windows in some of their watches. Most budget luxury watches don’t include sapphire in their build. Other than that, there is nothing extra exceptional for the most part with Olevs watches. That is completely fine to me because Olevs offers relatively expensive watches.

Olevs presents a few key features that can help you select a suitable model.


First, let’s analyze the watch straps. They offer solid stainless steel straps with a refined appearance. These straps are very durable and suitable for use in water, making them perfect for most water-resistant watches. This material contributes to the overall longevity of the product. They are built to resist scratches. Olevs provides customers with a convenient tool to adjust the length of the strap. I recommend choosing these types of straps.

You can also opt for leather imitation straps. They are beautiful and stylish but less durable than stainless steel straps, especially when exposed to water.

Olevs automatic mechanical and quartz watches

Olevs utilize quartz or mechanical movement watches, depending on your chosen model.

First, let’s analyze mechanical watches. The genuine automatic movement of these models eliminates the need for a battery. The watch supports both manual and automatic winding. However, Olevs recommends wearing them at least 8 hours every day to keep the watch accurate.

If you don’t wear your watch for extended hours every day, I recommend the second option, which is quartz watches. With quartz watches, you’ll only need to change the battery sometimes to keep it accurate.


Olevs offers a different range of prices. You can find very low-budget watches to mid-high prices. It depends on the watch’s model you choose, its specifications, and the materials.

The mechanical watches are more expensive, of course, but still affordable compared to other luxury watches in the market. If you are looking for a beautiful, stylish watch and can’t afford a Rolex or Seiko, Olevs might be a good option.

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Olevs watch Pros and Cons.


  • Olevs offers diverse stylish designs you can choose from.
  •  Olevs watches are affordable and priced more competitively than other luxury watch brands.
  •  Many Olevs watches feature automatic movements, which eliminates the need for batteries.
  •  Offers a diverse range of watch collections suiting various occasions and lifestyles.


  • While some Olevs watches offer decent water resistance for everyday activities, they may not be suitable for more intense water-based activities such as extensive swimming or deep-sea diving.
  •  As a relatively newer watch brand, Olevs has limited recognition among other luxury watch giants.
  •  Automatic mechanical watches may need to be wound and reset if not worn regularly.

Few watch models

There are several Olevs watch models available. The feature and characteristics of the watches will vary in each model.

In this Olevs watch review, I will pick and analyze a few of them. Comparing your options might help you choose the best model to purchase. For example, you can get dress watches, casual watches, sports watches, and watches with heart rate monitors. You can choose from various bands, colors, designs, and materials.

I have selected the below popular models:

Olevs Automatic Men’s Watch

Key Features: 

  • Automatic Mechanical Self-wind watch, 21,600 times per hour.
  •  Classic 6-hand dial design with four calendar functions of year/ month/ week/ day.
  •  Luxury 316L Stainless Steel Strap with hidden butterfly pushed button.
  •  30ATM waterproof – 30 meters high pressure waterproof.

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Olevs Men Quartz Leather Fashion

Key Features:

  • Fashion black square case.
  •  Breathable, soft, and stylish leather strap.
  •  Quartz movement and high-quality battery lasting up to 3 years.
  •  Multifunction chronograph with three sub-dial displays plus 12/24 dual time display.
  •  Calendar window suitable for diverse indoor and outdoor sports.
  •  Waterproof luminous wristwatch with 30 meters water-resistant.
  •  A luminous pointer that illuminated in dark environments.

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Olevs Men Automatic Watch Skeleton

Key Features:

  • Self-winding mechanical movement doesn’t need a battery with a frequency of 21,600 times per hour.
  •  Forty-five hours of energy storage.
  •  Classic tourbillon Skeleton Design with 41 mm (1.5 inches) big face design.
  •  Combination of traditional and stylish Roman numerals and Sparkling Diamonds
  •  Multifunctional calendar window equipped with a luminous function that can read in a dark environment.
  •  High-quality strap made with durable stainless steel materials, well polished to achieve ultimate comfort.
  •  Comes with free strap adjustment tools.
  •  30ATM waterproof, meeting basic waterproof needs.

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Olevs Men and Women Couple Automatic Watches Set

Key Features:

  • Strong power reserve mechanical automatic self-winding movement.
  •  Shockproof and Anti-scratch sapphire crystal mirror.
  •  Genuine 316L stainless steel band and case with adjustable double butterfly clasp.
  •  30 meters water-resistant.
  •  Blue navy diamond dial with luminous gold index.
  •  Big face calendar.

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Olevs Women Gold Quartz

Key Features:

  • Unique tonneau shape with diamond scale stainless steel dial.
  •  Strong steel strap, scratch-resistant with 316L stainless steel case.
  •  Hidden double folding, convenient butterfly clasp.
  •  100 feet (30 m) water-resistant.
  •  15 mm dial width and 19 cm total watch length.

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Olevs Business Dress Diamond Quartz

Key Features:

  • Gold face diamond cut glass mirror with Arabic numeral scale.
  •  Quartz movement with a high-quality battery.
  •  Two-tone Stainless steel strap.
  •  Scratch-proof mineral glass dial
  •  Water-resistant up to 30 meters (100 feet), suitable for daily use, such as rain.
  •  Luminous display function.

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Overall, the Olevs watches are an excellent value for the price. Olevs brand’s resemblance with those of big-name brands, such as Rolex, might give you the impression that they are cheap knock-offs. In reality, they are affordable and stylish luxury watches that will impress.

Also, user reviews generally indicate that the Olevs brand offers an excellent quality/price ratio in its watches.

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Thanks for reading my Olevs Watch review. I hope it was helpful!

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