Freestyle Watches: Everything you need to know

The Freestyle watch, especially the classic Shark, started in the early 80s, and you may get an old and nostalgic feeling while reading this article. Many people consider this classic Shark to be the watch of their youth, but it isn’t just made for kids or a surfer’s watch or for sports-loving people. Freestyle watches are for every age.

History of Freestyle Shark Watches

Many people have been using Freestyle Shark Watch for decades, and these timepieces also improved to match the demands of modern fashion and its competitors in the market.

First launched in the early 80s, the Freestyle Shark Watch is a timeless and classic option when purchasing a watch. Even the Classic Shark beat the Swatch in the watch market by two years. At that time, there was some influence on the original Swatch watches, especially in color, straps, and tone.

But that inspiration was mutual, which is expected in the watch industry. Also, the Shark watch was more of a niche product, sold predominantly in surf shops and famous among adventurers and sports lovers.

The original Shark watches came in two models: The Shark Leash and the Clip with the difference of strap enclosures –one used a snap-in technique and the other with velcro. However, the Leash was the first product on the market, and the Clip, which replaced velcro with a plastic cage, followed next. Both watches are still offered today in almost their original configurations and continue to serve as the cornerstones of the more extensive Shark range.

The company diversified its collection by moving away from the traditional Shark, creating more fashionable timepieces, and targeting more audiences. It started competing with brands like Casio, Nixon, and G-Shock. After the classic Shark piece, they responded with the Shark X. They developed special-edition watches with surfers Shane Dorian and Cory Lopez. They even made a dive watch, which features a rubber waistband, a stainless steel case, and a rotating bezel.

In short, the Freestyle Shark Watch is the best option for purchasing a watch, and its craze is accurate even in the modern age. Fans not only collect the watches, but they also share their wrist tan on social media platforms.

If you’re exploring the watch market or scrolling online for the classic timepiece for yourself that can match your personality but are overwhelmed by the myriad styles and brands, select from their most classic ones like Shark Classic, Shark Mini, Shark Classic Tide 600, Mariner Tide 600, etc.

Why must you have a Freestyle watch?

Free Style Watch Shark

Beyond its craze among youth and aesthetic charm, freestyle watches have an excellent reputation for their unique models and features. Here are the most common features of a freestyle watch:


If we say that the Freestyle shark is still famous for its durability, that would not be wrong because it is water-resistant and crafted with lightweight materials. It has the most durable straps and a stainless steel case, further enhancing its durability.

Stylish & Comfy:

Most of these timepieces have a clean, minimalist dial design, offering a sophisticated look. The Clear, luminescent digits on the dial and colorful straps on the hands make the watch stylish and easy to read in low light.

Classic & Timeless:

The Freestyle Watches are classic timepieces famous for their rich design and water resistance features, making these an ideal choice for water sports enthusiasts. 

Explore the Diverse Collection of Freestyle Watches 

Free Style Watch Shark

With myriad collections of classic timepieces, freestyle watches are well-known for their aesthetic charm and durability. Freestyle watches cater to various lifestyles and activities, ensuring a perfect watch for everyone. Each model offers unique features that complement different conditions, from the rich and adventure-ready Shark Watch to the elegant and classic Nomad Watch.

Here are the most famous freestyle watches that are in fashion today:

● Shark Classic 

● Shark Mini

● Shark Classic Tide 600

● Classic Nomad Watch

● Shark XL Tide 600

● Mariner Tide 600

● Aviator

● Shane Dorian II

● Shark Buzz

● Navigator

● Tide

● Trooper

● Vortex

● Xterra

● Workout 2.0

Many other Freestyle watches continue to be symbols of innovation and adventure in the world of most versatile timepieces.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the most common questions about Freestyle Watches:

●      Is the Freestyle watch waterproof?

Almost all freestyle watches come as water-resistant to a maximum of 100m and with a lifetime warranty. Its rubber strap is comfy for any adventure.

●      What are Shark Watches used for?

The original shark watch was and is for surfers and people involved in extreme sports. In the early ’80s, the Freestyle brand was about making a watch fit sports lovers. In fact, the Classic Shark was explicitly designed to be the first purpose-built surf watch and then diversified its collection with a dive watch. Most teenagers adopted this as a necessary trend.

●      How do you set a shark watch?

These watches have the following buttons:

B1. Start/stop Button

B2. Lap/reset Button

B3. Mode Button

B4. Light Button

You can follow this method:

  1. Press the B3 button to select time mode.
  2. Press the B2 button to toggle between HOME TIME and FOREIGN TIME mode to set.
  3. Press and hold the B2 button for 2 seconds until the “SET” message appears, and the
  4. second digits will blink.
  5. Press the B1 button to reset the second digits to 00.
  6. Press the B3 button, and the minute numbers will flash.
  7. Press the B1 button to set the minute digits. Holding down the button speeds up the
  8. process.
  9. Press the B3 button, and the hour digits will blink.
  10. Press the B1 button to set the hour digits.

You can follow the same pattern to set the date.

●      Are Shark watches suitable for diving?

Not only good, but the freestyle shark watches are best for diving as they are water resistant and highly durable.

●      Can someone take a shower with a Freestyle watch?

You should be aware of the water resistance of your watch model before taking a shower. If the water resistance is less than 5 ATM, removing the nylon strap before taking a shower is recommended.

However, avoiding exposing your Freestyle timepiece to extreme temperatures is highly recommended.


Freestyle watches’ water-resistant timepieces and unconventional designs have indeed had a significant effect on the watch industry. 

Freestyle watches got you covered whether you’re a fan of water sports, a traveler, an explorer, or just searching for a comfortable and fashionable everyday watch. Freestyle’s legacy will continue to influence and shape watchmakers and users worldwide for centuries as the industry develops.

Thanks for reading my article, hope it helps!

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