Armitron Watches Review: What You Need to Know

Have you been browsing online marketplaces like Amazon for new watches lately? If so, you may have encountered the Armitron brand – I certainly did. Armitron offers various watches and caters to the lower price point market. I found this brand interesting enough to write a review about.

Countless lesser-known watch brands are competing for attention out there. Some catch your eye with unique and stunning designs, while others draw you in with their affordability. Armitron strikes a balance between both, offering good-looking designs (though not entirely original) at a reasonable price.

Today, we’ll delve into the Armitron watch brand. We’ll explore its history, what we like and dislike, and showcase some of the best Armitron watches.

Overview Of Armitron Watches

Armitron Watch Review

Armitron is a brand on the rise, relatively new to the market. Founded in 1975 by Eugen Gluck, a Holocaust survivor and philanthropist, Armitron is a US-based watch brand that aims to produce quality watches at an affordable price point for everyday people. They were successful in this endeavor, creating one of the first cheap digital watches in the US.

With a wide range of watch collections available, Armitron has something for everyone, from Swarovski steel watches to rugged sports chronographs. The brand appeals to younger generations with its hip designs and affordable prices.

Armitron is becoming increasingly popular in the US and the UK and has gained the endorsement of famous sports teams and athletes, including Jerry Rice, Boomer Esiason, Darryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden, and Larry Bird. At present, Armitron sponsors the New York Yankees.

Armitron Watch Review: The Pros and Cons

Armitron Watch Review

Is Armitron a good watch brand? Let me break down the pros and cons of this U.S.-based lifestyle watch brand.


– Wide Range of Options: Armitron offers a long list of watch collections that cater to different lifestyles, such as Dress, Travel, Casual, Sports, and Night Out watches. Both men and women have plenty of options to choose from, with distinct designs and aesthetics.

– Variety of Types: Armitron also offers their watches in types like Sports, Analog, Solar, and Graffiti. The Graffiti collection is fascinating with its youthful street design that fits the name.

– Affordable: With lower-end price points, you can purchase multiple watches without breaking the bank.

Armitron offers various watches at budget-friendly prices, making it a top pick for anyone seeking a fashionable and practical timepiece.

Affordable Watches 

The Armitron brand is an excellent option for those on a tight budget. You’ll have many options, with most models priced between $12 and $100. Even the more expensive models, like the Armitron Adventure AD/1004BKTIBK, are still affordable at under $100.

One excellent option to consider is the Armitron 204604DBSVBK Dress Swarovski, available for purchase at a price in the twenties. If you want to spend less, consider the Armitron Sport 45/7053, currently available for as low as $12 on sale.

Overall, Armitron offers excellent value for those in search of affordable timepieces.


Armitron offers a diverse range of collections with an equally diverse range of designs. The Graffiti collection has cheerful and colorful designs that will catch the eye. Regardless of personal taste, Armitron has something to offer everyone.

However, it’s worth noting that not all Armitron watches have striking designs. Some models are reminiscent of G-Shock watches, while others take inspiration from Timex timepieces. As with any watch brand, there are both excellent and uninspired designs.

Ultimately, choosing which watch to buy comes down to personal preference. With such a wide range of designs, Armitron makes it easy to find a watch that suits your unique aesthetic requirements.

Robust Timekeeping Tools

Armitron watches are known for their reliability and accuracy. Most of their watches are digital and quartz, which ensures precise timekeeping. The durability of the watches is impressive, and some models are even suitable for everyday use.

Although they may not last forever, they are reasonably priced, making them excellent value. Some models also come with additional features, such as digital clocks, which are basic but functional. Considering the affordable price range, it’s hard to fault these watches for their parts.


Quality: Hit or Miss

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It is a matter of opinion, but many agree that Armitron watches are of low quality due to their use of cheaper materials for the case, screen, and straps. However, their affordability helps to mitigate some of these concerns.

Armitron watches are marketed towards the lower-end market, so that the quality may vary depending on the price. Watches priced over $20 have better quality than those under $100.

Some Armitron watches may feel lightweight and cheap. While I had low expectations, some models felt like toy watches. Additionally, some watches may look good in pictures but could be better in person. When purchasing an Armitron watch, it is essential to manage your expectations, especially for lower-priced models.

Durability Issues

Regarding budget-friendly watches, manufacturers like Armitron often have to cut corners to keep prices low. This means that the quality of materials used may be down. 

For example, many of these watches have finishes that are not scratch or chip-resistant, making them vulnerable to damage after high impact. Additionally, some bands, including leather straps, can easily break after months of use. The clasps on specific models could also use improvement, as they can be pretty loose.

Discover the Top Selection of the Best Armitron Watches

If you have been reading about Armitron watches, you may be curious about which models are worth exploring. Here are some of the best Armitron watches available:

  • Armitron Men’s Sport 40/8284 Digital Chronograph

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The Armitron Sport 40/8284 Digital Chronograph may epitomize an Armitron watch. It is large, bold, and stylish. Although it may resemble some Casio G-Shock watches, it has unique features.

This sports watch looks fantastic in person, and, despite its $20+ price tag, it feels surprisingly sturdy. It is a digital chronograph watch with features such as lap time, alarm time, dual time, military time, backlight functions, a two-zone LCD, and more. Additionally, it is water-resistant up to 100 meters, making it an excellent choice for water sports enthusiasts.

It is a perfect digital chronograph watch, especially considering its low price. It is a great choice for everyday wear.

  • Armitron Women’s 75/2475 Day/Date

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The Armitron Women’s 75/2475 Day/Date watch is a stylish and sophisticated option from the brand. Although it is slightly more expensive than some other offerings, it is still considered relatively affordable. Its sleek and attractive design, along with its eye-catching face, make it a standout choice.

The watch hands are also luminous, which is a nice added feature. This wristwatch is a versatile accessory perfect for casual and formal events.

It’s an excellent option for daily wear. Its higher price point guarantees better quality and construction. Overall, if you’re looking for a stainless steel watch that’s moderately stylish, the Armitron Women’s 75/2475 Day/Date is an excellent choice.

  • Armitron 20/4677 Men’s Multifunction Silver-Tone

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I suggest the Armitron 20/4677 Stainless Steel watch as a reliable choice. It boasts a stylish sunburst dial that caught my attention and made me purchase it. Although the watch displays a “Tachymeter,” it doesn’t have that feature, but I understand why considering its price.

However, it does offer a day/date function and 24-hour subdials. While the watch doesn’t have many features, some may appreciate its simple design. Overall, the Armitron 20/4677 Stainless Steel is a fashionable and accurate mid-range option from Armitron.

Armitron Watch Review: The verdict

Regarding Armitron watches, it’s essential to recognize that they serve a specific purpose. The brand occupies a price point that other brands do not, making their watches accessible to those on a budget. While Armitron may not use high-quality materials or offer innovative designs, they provide excellent cost value. 

In terms of attractiveness, Armitron watches may appeal to some. Still, they do have a few models that are worth considering. It is improbable that these watches will endure for extended periods or become heirlooms for future generations. The good news is they’re affordable enough to replace when they break. 

Armitron is a reliable brand of affordable watches that offer a variety of choices and stylish designs. While other brands, such as Timex and Casio, compete at this price point, Armitron is worth checking out for those seeking value.

Thanks for reading hope it helps!

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